Electro muscle stimulation

It causes thousands of contractions in just 30 minutes similar to working out. This induces the muscular stress necessary for toning and muscle building, helping to build the ideal figure.

Main objective: build muscle and
reduce excess fat… WITHOUT

Aspire delivers electrical pulses to the three major muscle groups that tend to store excess fat, reducing the build-up of fat nodules and toning up the muscles.

This can all be done while you’re doing absolutely nothing!

Unlike other EMS devices, Aspire does not require you to exercise with it on for you to see results. This means that you can just be lounging on your couch or lying on your bed and you will still be able to get a workout in for your lower body!

Just 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week and you’ll start seeing results within a month.

Yes, you heard right.

Achieving your ideal body just got that much easier.

Posture Correction

Tightens Skin

Improves blood circulation

Thinner Waistline

Reduce Cellulites

Pain Relief

Clinically proven
EMS technology

The Aspire trousers have electrodes that cover the buttocks abdominals quadriceps hamstrings and buttocks

Innovative design

Take the Aspire Pack anywhere and use it at any time of the day. Aspire SEE MORE DETAILS Electro muscle Stimulation Aspire SEE MORE DETAILS The Aspire is not only compact and comfortable... Aspire SEE MORE DETAILS but it is also able to deliver the results you want. Aspire BUY NOW
  • I hate training but I want to be in shape. Aspire is perfect for me and I love it!
    Ghislaine Bassène
  • I've found the best fitness device for me at 79 years of age. It helps me with toning, cellulite and improves my blood circulation! I advise mature women like me to buy Aspire as well!
    Maria Teresa Lamolla
  • It's the best purchase I've made, it’s wonderful! I have gotten results without any workouts.
    Adriana Ducasi
  • I am very happy with this magic pants. I’d never thought I could tone up my butt, legs and abs without any effort. Great purchase!
    Cristina Ramón

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